A message from the author

Thank you for visiting my website! Here you will find information about my books, events, videos, ghost box recordings and more. Besides being a non-fiction author writing about local history, legends, ghost tales and historical crimes, I have also co-authored an Italian cookbook, and I have written a faith-based novel called, The Medal, which you can read about here.

My career, which has spanned over thirty years and nine books, has been an interesting and rewarding journey. Along with writing books, I’m a professional photographer, a local historian, a public speaker, and a food writer. So when I’m not investigating ghosts, or doing research and interviews, I’m eating, and writing about some fantastic restaurants on Long Island. The diversity of my career makes every day new and exciting.

I love interacting with the public, so please contact me with any questions you may have, and be sure to catch me at one of my lectures and book signings.

I appreciate you visiting my website, and I hope you will enjoy reading my books.



Kerriann was featured with her ghost hunting partner, medium Joe Giaquinto on the cover of Newsday, on October 28, 2018. You can read about their ghostly adventures here.